Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The "Bad Art Show"

Downtown Sanford is becoming a very active art scene. I have never attended art events above the Imperial since we open our studio there. The event are "happenings" and are somewhat spontaneous. The September 17th show was billed as "Bad Art" but it was not bad, it was fun art, from body painting, to robots, to a live band. The turn out was fantastic, drawing people from all over Central Florida. 
Seminole County Printmakers open its doors to the crowds and people responded very positively. Many were interested in our future workshops. Members Monica Webb, Larry Vienneau, Megan Carroll, Priscilla Billingsley, and Megan's friend Kasandra Christine attended. 
This was a great evening, we shall plan on doing this again.
Kasandra and Megan hand coloring collagraphs
Megan's collagraph "Jupiter" received lots of attention
Priscilla organizing her prints


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our First Sale

September 7th 2016

We finally had our first group sale. We had for members participate, Chelsea Smith, Sharon Huang, Glenda Velez and me, Larry Vienneau. The event was Wine Art Wednesdays at Downtown Lake Mary. The weather was excellent and we did sell some prints. This is the first time I have sold my prints at a tent style show. Chelsea was incredible, she is s pro! She lent the club a lot of equipment and had lots of advise. Hopefully we will be doing many more shows.
Chelsea explaining the print process

Sharon getting set up