Tuesday, November 19, 2019


The First Annual Sanford Steamroller Printmaking Event at
St. Johns River Festival of the Arts

The First Annual Sanford Steamroller Event will take place during the Annual St. Johns River Festival of the Arts, May 2, 2020 in Downtown Sanford

This is a great opportunity for students, artists and the community to come together in a cooperative event to celebrate the Art of Printmaking. Artists create an over-sized woodblock, it will be inked and printed under the drum of a 2-ton steamroller in front of a crowd of enthused spectators.  All participants will pay $25 non-refundable) that covers use of ink and three prints to take home (one donated for benefit auction) Registration is required and closes on February 29th.

Artist will have six weeks to carve their block before the event.
Here’s how to participate (or just come and enjoy the spectacle).

To participate in the Sanford Steamroller Printmaking Event as an artist, there are a few requirements but no prior experience necessary:

Submit your design for approval as a JPEG or PDF to seminoleprintmakers@gmail.com  February 29: Artist Submissions Due
please send a $25 check or money order payable to Seminole County Printmakers,
 C/O L. Vienneau, 
452 Via Tuscany Loop, 
Lake Mary, FL 32746
  • Artist will be informed if they have been accepted into the event by March 7th
  • You can carve a block on your own or work with a friend.
  • Your plate should be MDF or wood boards.
  • It must be ½ inch or 3/4 inches thick and 24” x 24” or 24” x 36”
  • Your block may be cut to a shape or stay with the tried-and-true rectangle (shaped plates print better).
  • Carvings must be finished by May 1st. Please seal boards with either shellac water-based polyurethane at least 24 hours in advance. Two coats.
  • The artists must deliver the plates to Steamroller Event venue before 9:00 am May 2nd. Artists must pick up their plates by 5:00pm May 2rd from venue.
  • Artists agree to donate one print for auction. We encourage artists to help with the printing.
  • Application: Agreement
    Submission to this “call for entry” constitutes an agreement on the part of the entrant to the conditions set forth in this prospectus. Submitting an application and fee in no way guarantees acceptance into this exhibition. Seminole County Printmakers reserves the right to final curatorial, educational, and installation decisions. Seminole County Printmakers may use your image(s) for marketing purposes and will credit the artist in that case. By submitting work(s) to this call for entry, the artist attests that the work(s) they submit are their original creations. Any artwork not conforming to the submission guidelines set forth will be disqualified. The artist agrees to donate one print for Auction.
Submit your design as a JPEG or PDF to seminoleprintmakers@gmail.com by February 29th.
please send non-refundable $25 check or money order payable to Seminole County Printmakers
Seminole County Printmakers,
c/o L. Vienneau,
 452 Via Tuscany Loop,
Lake Mary FL., 32746
Please bring your finished and sealed (2 coats) plate to event 9:00 am May 2. Pick up plate and prints at 5:00 pm May 2 (if we need to extend the printing until May 3rd pick up will be May 3rd 5:00 pm)
Address questions to seminoleprintmakers@gmail.com. Venue location will be supplied when it is assigned.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Printmaking Demonstrations at St. Johns River Festival for the Arts

Seminole Printmakers were very busy during the first week of May. We moved into our new Studio in Hopper Academy at the end of April and the first of May. We made our debut as an Arts Organization in celebration of our new home. We will be at the St Johns Festival for the Arts https://stjohnsriverartfest.com/  in downtown Sanford on May 2th and 3rd 2020. We are showing the public how to carve Lino plates and how to print both relief and etching plates.  The booth will been staffed by our members. 

Please come out to learn about printmaking and show your support for the arts!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Seminole County Printmaker's New Home

After two year as nomads, the Seminole County Printmakers finally have a new home! We have been without a studio since 2017.  Since December 2017 we have been in conversations with Historic Hopper Academy about a studio space in the building.
(Hopper Academy building, 1101 Pine Avenue, Sanford FL.)

Historic Hopper Academy

The Hopper Academy was the first African-American school in the Georgetown district of Sanford. Established in 1886, the school was originally named Colored School No. 11. In 1906, Joseph Nathaniel Crooms became the first principal of the Hopper Academy and began construction of the current building at 1101 Pine Avenue. The building originally housed grades one through ten and also served as a community high school until the construction of the Crooms Academy in Goldsboro. In 1968, the Hopper Academy ceased to operate as a school.
After Hopper Academy closed, the building was used as a library, a church and a place for community meetings.

In the early 1990s, the Seminole school district and Sanford donated the building to the Community Improvement Association, which was set up to renovate and manage the property. The restoration is a long process, the work is being done by passionate and dedicated volunteers. The restoration is still on-going. 

open house December 2017


assorted views of Hopper Academy Studio.

We will be the second tenants, we join St. Johns River Festival of the Arts.  They have been tremendously important in helping us get this space. We are partnering with them for several projects.  We expect to start moving in during May 2019. 
Seminole County Printmakers -Megan, Monica, Glenda, Larry, and Virginia

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The "Bad Art Show"

Downtown Sanford is becoming a very active art scene. I have never attended art events above the Imperial since we open our studio there. The event are "happenings" and are somewhat spontaneous. The September 17th show was billed as "Bad Art" but it was not bad, it was fun art, from body painting, to robots, to a live band. The turn out was fantastic, drawing people from all over Central Florida. 
Seminole County Printmakers open its doors to the crowds and people responded very positively. Many were interested in our future workshops. Members Monica Webb, Larry Vienneau, Megan Carroll, Priscilla Billingsley, and Megan's friend Kasandra Christine attended. 
This was a great evening, we shall plan on doing this again.
Kasandra and Megan hand coloring collagraphs
Megan's collagraph "Jupiter" received lots of attention
Priscilla organizing her prints


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our First Sale

September 7th 2016

We finally had our first group sale. We had for members participate, Chelsea Smith, Sharon Huang, Glenda Velez and me, Larry Vienneau. The event was Wine Art Wednesdays at Downtown Lake Mary. The weather was excellent and we did sell some prints. This is the first time I have sold my prints at a tent style show. Chelsea was incredible, she is s pro! She lent the club a lot of equipment and had lots of advise. Hopefully we will be doing many more shows.
Chelsea explaining the print process

Sharon getting set up

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stepping Out- Seminole County Printmakers

Seminole County Printmakers is an infant organization. It started less than a year ago as a Facebook group but it grew into a unique artists group.We have about forty member with a dozen active in the studio. 
We are looking forward to our first public appearance. Since we are a fledgling group we are financially underdeveloped. We plan to exhibit and participate in many local venues over the next year. Our first event is the Sanford Avenue Art Market –27th August from 8pm to 12am on the corner of Sanford Ave and 4th in front of Little Fish Huge Pond. This is the perfect opportunity to make sales, do live printing, cutting, offer mini workshops and let the community know we are around. Members have been busy working.